Design Lust: Installment Six

With companies like Google and Facebook setting the bar for what a work place should look and function like, it’s only natural that hip work spaces with great benefits (think hammock napping and afternoon surf sessions) are popping up all over the world. But let’s be real…all the giant ball pits in the world don’t make up for the ease and flexibility of working from home. In this installment of design lust we take inspiration from some of the most well designed work spaces out there, to bring our home office to the next level.

Let’s begin with some inspiration. Urban Outfitters (located right in my backyard) has pulled out all the stops, designing a fabulous warehouse with rustic charm, that would make anyone drool…

UO 1

All those salvaged Moroccan pillows are great inspiration for a sitting area in your own home office.

UO 2

Don’t live in a 5,000 square foot warehouse? No problem, take inspiration from the small details for a paired down version of this sitting area.

UO 3

Just these windows alone could get me out of the house and into the office in the morning. Having tons of light is a good way to keep yourself going throughout the day. If your space doesn’t have a lot of natural light, accessorize with lamps that have daylight balanced lightbulbs.

UO 4

Bringing nature into your workspace can keep it feeling fresh and vibrant. Even if it’s something as simple as a few succulents or some dried sage, green will keep your mood up in those dark winter months. Which brings me to this architecture firm’s office in the woods. selgascano 1

If you’re short on space, and live in a more temperate climate, why not try working outside for a change? Many parks now have wifi, and all that fresh air could be great for creativity. Have a backyard space that’s not in use? How about building a small version of this. A little, modern pod to escape and work from…what a dream. selgascano_4

Next, we explore some exquisite co-working spaces. Co-working spaces are growing in popularity and are a great idea if you happen to live somewhere like San Francisco or New York where you’re unlikely to have space for a full-sized sofa let alone an entire home office.

WeWork, one of the more prevalent co-working “brands” has office spaces all over the world. Surprise surprise my favorite spaces are in Berkeley and Santa Monica. we work berkeley

we work berkeley 2

Have a knack for wallpapering? This room in Berkeley’s WeWork is the perfect room to emulate if you’re ready to feel like you’re in a Bedouin tent on a daily basis…I would be!

we work berkeley 3

Those chairs! The lights! The floors. Who wouldn’t want to work here? we-work-santa-monica-8

The tribal inspiration in both the Santa Monica and Berkeley offices are some of my favorite touches. Having chairs like these in my office would remind me of my love of travel and prompt me to work harder for my next adventure.


The East Room Co-Working space in Toronto has the feel of a modern men’s club. Lot’s of weathered leather and exposed beams makes for a masculine, yet bright and pleasant work space. This would be a great inspiration if you share your workspace with someone of the male persuasion.



Are you sufficiently inspired yet? Let’s look at some ways to pull all these ideas into the home office of our dreams!

Green office

This simple office brings together all the sunlight and green we saw at Urban Outfitters, with the classic masculinity of the East Room co-working space. A great choice for a shared office.

open air workspace

This gorgeous backyard office takes inspiration from the SelgasCano Architecture office we saw above. A dream for many, but if you have the space and the funds this gorgeous backyard workspace could be a dream come true.

Simple office 1

Now this looks a little bit more realistic for me. (Sans the dog…I wish) I’m loving the oriental carpet with the mid-century furnishings, and the cluster of art on the walls. UO inspiration

If you have a window like this, you don’t need much else.

IMG_6202 (1)

Last but not least….my home office. It may not be as lust worthy as the rest, but I’ll get there eventually. It does have a lot of the elements that make up great office design. Mid-century furnishings, tribal inspiration (see amazing oriental carpet mousepad and Indian armoire), green (teeny tiny little succulent), and of course the very practical Herman Miller Aeron chair. Now if only it had 30 foot windows, and overlooked the Pacific….well a girl can lust.