Subway Opera

Photo courtesy of Upworthy

I’ve seen some pretty interesting things in the New York subway (and some even more disturbing things on Philadelphia El), so when I heard these talented opera singers as I emerged from my 6 train at Union Square I was immediately mesmerized. Maybe it’s touristy of me to stop and listen, but I felt like I just won a free ticket to the Opera and I was staying to watch.

The talented men and women from Opera Collective, which started in 2005 say it’s their “mission to make opera accessible and affordable to the general public by presenting engaging evenings of vocal music, including opera, art song, operetta and musical theatre. [Their] young, vibrant and professional performers strive to break down the stereotypes that are often associated with opera with their lively and varied shows, which often include juicy plot details to set the scene for the audience.” 

Here are a couple of videos of the talented women from the Under New York Opera Collective. I have a feeling you’ll be as impressed as I was.