A Delicious Week in New York

This past week Dream and I headed up to New York so I could attend the Social Good Summit. We got there super early because the Pope visit was making it impossible to travel from Philly to New York, and promptly spent five days eating….typical.

Here’s a list of the places we checked out that were worth writing home about (or in this case writing blog about).

Laduree– 398 W Broadway: The famous french macaron spot lived up to its reputation. I loved the chocolate and the rose-water.

Joe’s Pizza- 7 Carmine Street: Dream swears their slice is the best in the city. I can’t testify because gluten and Sam do not get along right now, but he seemed pretty thrilled.


Pop Bar-5 Carmine Street: Right next to Joe’s and such an awesome concept. Gelato…on a stick…dipped in chocolate and nuts and whatever else you want. So much goodness! IMG_5836

Hu Kitchen– 78 5th Avenue: If you’re a health nut, or on the Paleo diet this is the place to go. I’m not the biggest fan of their carb alternatives, the bread is kind of dense, but their pastries, breakfast bowls, smoothies and chocolate are amazing, and good for you.

Jack’s Wife Freda– 50 Carmine Street: If you can go during the week I’d highly recommend it. Even on a Friday at 2pm the place was packed, and for good reason. We ordered the Green Shakshuka and the Eggs with Tomato and Halumi…just YUM! I’m not usually one to clear my plate, but this was some exceptional breakfast.

Buenos Aires– 513 E. 6th Street: Amazing meat, check. The only people speaking English, check. Outdoor dining in the city, check. If you want to be transported to South America on the Lower East Side, this is your joint. We even had to use some of our non-existent Spanish skills to order. No pictures because it was too damn dark.

Palma– 28 Cornelia Street: Such a beautiful restaurant with a lovely outdoor garden to sit in. The food was exceptional, if a little pricey. Luckily we were with good friends who liked to share so it wasn’t too tough on the wallet. Only complaint was that the wait staff seemed to be pushing us out of the restaurant, picking up plates before we were done with them. Either way, I’d go back for the short rib and gluten-free lamb pasta dish any day.

Yakatori Toto– 251 W 55th Street: I discovered this little Japanese gem up a steep flight of stairs, in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen about 8 years ago, and have been a devotee ever since. Try the pork belly wrapped rice, the agadashi tofu, and the lamb chops. If you can avoid ordering sake it’s also very reasonably priced. Again, no pics, too dark. I have to up my photo game, I know.

Such a yummy few days in NY. Now it’s back to cooking at home…more on that to come.