150 Years Down the Rabbit Hole

Last Friday, Dan (he has decided he wants to go by his real name hence forth) and I had the pleasure of checking out the Alice in Wonderland Exhibit at The Morgan Museum in New York. We were between Alice and checking out the Frida Khalo Garden exhibit at the Bronx Museum and this won out because Friday’s night are free at the Morgan.

The exhibit was truly enchanting. I had no idea going in that Alice was a real person, and the story of Louis Carroll (real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) chance meeting with her and her sister on a boat down a river was really remarkable. The story goes, that young Alice and her sisters asked Mr. Carroll and his Robinson Duckworth for a story while floating down a river toward the town of Godstow in England for a picnic. Later, Alice requested a manuscript of the story and the rest is history.

Another surprise to me was that Alice was not blond. In fact, she looked much like me as a child. IMG_5839

As a child Alice had to write many letters; in the upper echelons of society girls were made to write to any number of family members and friends detailing their lives from the extraordinary to the mundane. This is the writing kit Alice used. IMG_5841

One of the coolest items to see was the original manuscript of Alice in Wonderland. IMG_5844

And some rare drawings from different versions of the book…

It’s interesting to note that the Queen of Hearts in this drawing is show wearing the typical dress of the Queen of Spades playing card, and the Queen of Spades is often seen as the Queen of Death


The small but popular exhibit was definitely worth a trip to the Morgan, and if you have time you can check out the Hemingway exhibit across the hall.