The Truth About People on Food Stamps

Food stamps in American culture have always been viewed negatively. Many people believe that if a person is on food stamps she must not be doing something to better herself, or she must not have a grip on her finances. This story is perpetuated again and again in the media, likely because the government wants  you to feel shamed if you must use food stamps, in order to get you off them as quickly as possible.

The truth about food stamps and the people who use them is usually as simple as this: A hard-working person, a person who does a job you would never want to do, needs to feed her family, and the minimum wage is just too low. Christine Gilbert, a well-educated single-mother, wrote an expose today that really gets to the heart of this issue. She talks about wanting to feed her kids nutritious food, and all the reasons that food stamps and $11 an hour prevent her from doing that.

It’s a great, short read, really worth checking out on Vox

On another note, I will be going to the Social Good Summit in New York next weekend and will be blogging and tweeting live from the event. Here’s hoping someone talks about some innovative ways to combat hunger and problems with adequate nutrition in American and across the globe.