Design Lust: Installment Five

Two “Design Lusts” in a row is uncommon for me, but I just returned from a whirlwind end of summer road trip in California, where I was visiting with friends and really lusting after the west coast lifestyle. When traveling around I am always very conscious of architecture, and I actually found Southern California to be a bit lacking in that department. It seems to me you either get the most charming house in the world for millions of dollars, or a boxy, windowless apartment building, and there isn’t too much in between. Side note: Has anyone else noticed how the closer you get to the beach in California the uglier the architecture gets? It’s like one big stucco prison nightmare!

My immediate instinct when returning home from any trip is always to download and edit the photos before anything else…including in this case shopping for food…and so I give you another design lust complete with the bright sun and vibrant color of the best coast.

Let’s start with the doorways, one of my favorite things about design in California. People in California seem to thrive on creating a personal space all their own and the doorways to hidden garden abodes, and mid-century mansions tell a story all their own.

This doorway in Carmel called to me. I thought I might open it and find myself in the Greek islands.
 ivy colored doorway at the Bottega Veneta store is so fresh and inviting.
This ivy covered doorway at the Bottega Veneta store is so fresh and inviting.
This fort like door and its wacky grass pathway could lead down the rabbit hole.
I feel a little bad about this one from the canals of Venice. I now know what it feels like to be the Paparazzi, but I couldn’t resist. Two doorways in one, plus the most fabulous Moroccan style living room.

With the overwhelming drought, and the fact that we were there in the middle of August, the drive up the coast was a little bit…brown. Don’t get me wrong, the beach was stunning, but it was a bit depressing to see grass-fed cows eating dead grass. The rich colors in these spaces, places, and items really brightened up the trip.

This bright home in West Hollywood really called my name. Who wouldn’t want to live in such a cheerful place?
A perfect hidden reading (or internet surfing) nook off of Abbot Kinney in Venice.
One of my favorite spots in California, Nepenthe at Big Sur, features this rustic sitting area with open fire and perfect view of the water.
Check out this bed with faux-fur Kantha blankets and pillows found in the Nepenthe gift shop. I want it all!

More to come on the California trip soon. Look out for a story of artisan chocolate coming your way shortly!