Biodynamic Chocolate is all the Rage in California

While strolling along Abbot Kinney in Venice the other evening a hippy-ish fella started shaking what looked like a large rock in our direction. The rock turned out to be a pod of biodynamic chocolate that made a noise like a maracas when it shook. Intrigued we stopped to chat, and were promptly led down the rabbit hole, quiet literally, to Zenbunni Chocolates.

Made with clay rich mud from the owner’s home in Topanga, and the actual chocolate sold in the teeny tiny store, the Zenbunni den of chocolate is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.IMG_5237

After offering us a taste of the microcosmic bars (they are smaller than a pack of gum) the man, whose name I regrettably forget, explained biodynamic farming to us, and of course gave us the low down on all the healthy uses for chocolate including as “free radical scavengers,” and “intracellular antioxidants.”

Most notably he mentioned the aphrodisiac qualities of biodynamic chocolate, and suggested we experiment by splitting a bar in the morning on an empty stomach and “seeing how we felt about each other around 2-hours later.” (We haven’t tried this experiment yet.)

Of course, we were hooked by the story of the hobbit hole made of chocolate and its tasty wares so we picked up a bunch of chocolate for the road, and some to give as gifts. Later in the trip, in Northern California, we noticed a few more stores selling similar high-end biodynamic chocolate, but none as interesting as Zenbunni. If you happen to be in L.A. it’s certainly worth stopping at this hidden gem behind the fancy boutiques. IMG_5240