Design Lust: Installment Four

As summer winds down, I can’t help but search for ways to keep the lightness and beauty of the warm months alive. One way of course is moving, and trust me I’m working hard on that, but if all else fails I’m thinking one of these airy and ethereal water color murals might be a nice touch in my office, preferably in summer colors like sea foam and sunset. Maybe it will help me beat the winter blues?

A fun a simple addition of color. Found on
I love the depth of color here and how it looks like the paint just dripped accidentally down the wall. Found on
The greens and yellows and reds in this mural seem to warm the room up a lot. Found on
This lightly color washed wall is so soothing. I’d love to do this in my bedroom where the palette is very neutral. Found on
My favorite color green! The simplicity of one bright color is very appealing here. Found on