The Desktop Wallpaper Project

Wallpaper by Janna Morton

Ever feel like that old stock photograph on your desktop isn’t cutting it anymore? Have the hours staring at your computer each day made you numb to that beach-scape? If it’s time for a design change look no further than The Fox is Black

Although it looks like this project may be put on hold since the last post was in October, there are still tons of interesting and eye-catching designs to cure your desktop wallpaper fatigue.

Some of my favorites:

Molly Walsh’s version of summer
“…Transition period where the fragmented skeleton is floating in space, and that strange skull face is a ghostly afterimage or an essence of some sort.” by Michael Olivo
London-based Spiros Halaris
Daniel Patrick Simmons’ gorgeous lettering
Rick Berkelman aka “Hedof” from the The Netherlands
Julie Lee’s Spring food collage

If none of those do it for you, there’s always the true DIY version. Use REAL wallpaper. I would love to do a wall in my house in one of Anthropologie’s quirky prints, but being a renter and lack of funds prevents me. (And also, let’s be honest, committing to one of those prints scares that crap out of me!) For the easy, very non-committal, way to test all those prints out you can just copy the image directly from the site and use it as your desktop wallpaper. You could change it every day if you wanted in a matter of seconds and when you find one that really resonates with you, maybe you commit to that wall? (If you can make a commitment like that, I commend your bravery!)

A few I’ve tested out and liked….

Party Animals
Mushroom Forest
Elisir Diamonds
Cavorting Zebras

Last, another little known wallpaper fact. Any store, including Anthropologie, will happily give you samples of their wallpaper to take home. Find some fun frames you love and frame those bits and pieces in clusters on an accent wall. They make for great artwork, and I always get compliments on mine.