Top 5: Favorite Travel Photos I’ve Ever Taken

A little known fact about me, even to some of my closest friends, is my passion and true love of photography. Starting in high school I used to spend hours in the darkroom every day, trying to fine tune the exposure on hundreds of photos. I just couldn’t stop shooting. Luckily, my Mom was on board with the hobby and kept me in film until the industry turned to digital.

While I truly miss the darkroom experience, over the years I’ve taken some of my better travel shots with digital camera. Here are just a few examples of my favorites:

Girls playing in the square. Aguas Clientes, Peru 2008
Girls playing in the square. Aguas Clientes, Peru 2008
Australian Rockabilly star Brien McVernon jams with porters on a hike up the Inca Trail in 2008. This trip was planned with the organization Love Hope Strength in order to raise money for a mobile cancer unit in Peru.
First night in Cuzco, Peru, 2008
Seals on the beach, La Jolla, California 2010
Locals in Petra, Jordan kill and sell their camels for food. 2005