Harvard Engineering Students Create the Best BBQ Smoker Ever

The struggle to find that perfect smoke flavor for your ribs or brisket might finally be over… if you’re willing to buy a prototype from Harvard engineering students.

This week, students taking their final exam set up on the lawn outside Harvard’s science and engineering buildings to test their final project, a smoker that makes perfect brisket.

Engineers wearing custom aprons, embroidered “Harvard BBQ” in red, fiddled with sensors that reported the temperature inside their 300-pound, hourglass-shaped smoker. Students, who had been sleeping in shifts for days, monitored their smartphones for minute-by-minute updates of the readings. Tiny computer-controlled fans clicked on and off to keep the heat inside the smoker steady.

The goal is to make smoking meat more of a science than an art form.

A diagram of how the new smoker works.
A diagram of how the new smoker works.

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