The Unspoken War In Israel

The attacker then ran into the crowd, knife raised Photo courtesy of BBC

I’ve often heard people say that Israeli’s must not fight internally because they are so focused on the bigger external issues of a war with the Palestinian people. The same can be assumed for Palestinian’s whom many whom many assume are all united to fight for their homeland back.

In reality, Israel is in a battle not only with radical Palestinian’s but with each other. More and more radicalized ultra-orthodox Jews are starting violent infighting in an effort to combat what they see as an offense to their strict religious laws.

This past week, an orthodox man wielding a knife showed up at the Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem and stabbed multiple people. It turns out this man was actually arrested for the exact same crime at the Pride parade in 2005 and was sentenced to twelve years in jail. He was released three weeks ago.

I bring this case to your attention for two reasons. One, to highlight the concerning trend of religious radicals acting out and causing physical harm to their more secular counterparts. This is a problem all over the world, but is an even bigger issue in a country as small and segregated as Israel. Second, to mention that many secular Palestinian’s and Israeli’s ARE interested in working out a lasting peace deal, but people like this on both sides make that option all but impossible.

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