Design Lust: Installment Two

If you’re like me dreaming of every trip you ever want to take and meticulously planning each one out via Pinterest puts a little flutter in your heart. I can’t help but feel a little bit giddy thinking about all the adventure awaiting me in this great big world, and all the spectacular places to see.

Below are two hotels that have gone above and beyond in the design department. From hand carved wood and mosaics to natural elements that make you feel like part of the jungle these hotels are at the top of my “lust list.”

Known for impeccable service and attention to detail, the Royal Mansour Hotel looks like every dream you’ve ever had of Morocco rolled neatly up and tied with a 14-kt gold ribbon.

Next we travel to a private game reserve in South Africa. Lion Sands is the perfect mix of outdoor beauty with indoor luxury. I can’t imagine anywhere I’d rather dream than under the stars in one of their tree houses.

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I look forward to a time when I am able to visit these works of art, but until then I’ll dream on…