Top 5: Can’t Live Without Travel Sites

At the risk of sounding a bit over excited, these sites will change your life! They offer everything from a daily newsletter of all the cheapest flights out there, to tips and advice for how to circumnavigate the globe for under $500, and stories that will broaden your perspective on the world.

First up, The Flight Deal. A good friend filled us in on this one, and we have to say it’s truly addicting. Everyday at 3pm when that newsletter shows up in my inbox I get a little giddy to see where we might be able to go.

Next, we recommend Extra Pack of Peanuts. While Trav (and his e-mails) can come off as a little preachy we really appreciate all the sound advice he offers on how to live out your dreams, affordably. Really dig into this site and you’ll find a plethora of knowledge to help you on your way.

Check out the ITA Matrix, which is now part of google to see the most conclusive pricing maps we’ve seen out there. Want to go to Hong Kong sometime in the next six months? This site makes it a snap to search for the exact day and time you want to go. Keep in mind you can’t purchase on this site, but it will be your best friend when looking to plan budget travel.

From Eat This Poem

Love to read like we do? Check out Eat This Poem to find city guides inspired by local writers and bloggers. Like us, Nicole loves a great book and good food (pretty much the only things that matter in life), and she finds the best little spots all over the U.S. Check this out for your next long weekend road trip.

Finally, the newest addition to our ever-growing list of travel blogs, The Travelling Light. Between the free travel guides and all the beautiful little stories this illuminating blog will put a little pep in your step and point you right in the direction of your next adventure.

The Travelling Light, Bali
The Travelling Light-Bali

Have a favorite travel site? E-mail us at and we’ll try to feature it in an upcoming post.